strawberry fields.

when it comes to american magazines as of late, i really could care less. so when i found out that my newest issue of elle would arrive in my mailbox with youknowwho on the cover, i didnt even think twice as to flip through its thread on tFS. but i judged the book by its cover & was (very, very) pleasantly surprised to see inside an ever so gorgeous valentine fillol-cordier editorial. perfect & just in time for spring.

oh to be valentine & spend your afternoons frolicking in your knickers for imprompteau photoshoots...

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SICK. said...

love claudia schiffer.
she's so beautiful & still rivals the younger models.


ohsarah said...

oh i love valentine.
she looks gorgeous!
and i might just buy a copy of elle just because she's in it!

Sano Pagan said...

I just came across your blog recent and I fell in love ; however I was trying to figure out why you referred to Rihanna as "youknowwho"? She's a beautiful girl and definitely has her own style.

Ali said...

i miss your blog ;[
and i miss you