a blue, bright blue saturday.

yesterday was such a lovely warm day (is it really already march?) & it got me thinking about my annual spring shopping list & what items i must have this season. every year i get so used to my millions of pairs of black tights, my coats, my jackets & all my scarfs & boots that i tend to forget how to dress once the weather starts warming up.

i finally decided on a gorgeous white high necked sleeveless chloe-like bibbed blouse tucked into my black AA bandage mini skirt, black tights & heeled oxfords.

so how perfect it was to find this spread in UK ELLE's highstreet supplement whilst browsing through the bookshop's international magazine section.

alexa chung in springs top trends;

that should help narrow it down some.
happy spring shopping everyone!




discothequechic said...

Hurrah spring is here!
My hemlines are getting shorter and now I'm just itching to remove my tights when it's warm enough!

I've been so inspired by Erin Wasson's cut short and vest combos, so I'm looking forward to that!

This outfit sounds perfect; wish there was a photo!


Jelenie said...

It's autumn/winter here in Sydney! May I please borrow your Winter stuff? :-D

Love those pics of Alexa Chung!

Héloïse J. said...

you should post a photo of this outfit!! can't wait for happy fashionable spring days :P

soph n terr said...

Oooh, lovely lovely lovely! and helpful. now all i need is some money!

Lola Eliza. said...

I got this issue and was pleasantly
surprised when i saw the high st bit!

Me said...

Do you know how hard it was for me to find this blog again ? You changed the andress...any way....I found it again and that is what matter. Just Love it!

Me said...

Oh I have just one request...can you make your letters bigger ? I am having some difficulty reading...I know, I need glasses but that it is something that I can't afford right now.

Lashéro said...

I love the blog song. nice post again!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous floral dress

NonchalantMod said...

aah! March is here!

really like your blog.
and the photos.

s. said...

ohh thanks for the pictures, alexa looks gorgeous in them. all the UK mags always seem to be way better than the US ones.