cette chloé fille.

thanks to a fragrance sample, in the new, might i add fabulous issue of US ELLE, ive finally had the chance to smell chloé's lust-worthy new fragrance. which i have wanted a bottle of for forever. well, at least since its first announcement last fall.

i am a huge chloé fan, it being my most favourite designer & all. though it has taking me a while to get used to & like paulo melim andersson as the new head designer for chloé, because i just adored phoebe philo too too much. it was a lot for paulo to live up to, after all phoebe even worked for stella mccartney (another favourite designer of mine) before finally heading off to chloé, but i think he's getting there. after all, it's been thirteen years since the house of chloé had a new namesake fragrance (unless, of course, you include that limited edition one back in 05) & it is all thanks to him - & a few others i'm sure;

the gorgeous bottle, the ads featuring three of my favourite it girls - chloë sévigny, clémence poésy & anja rubik, & not to mention the essence of the fragrance itself - "taking the classic beautiful rose & translating it with modernity into a vibrant, powdery floral eau du parfume".
so i guess you really arent that bad after all, paulo.

click here for a behind the scenes video of the chloé fragrance shoot.

photos thanks to; tFS & chloé.com



Héloïse J. said...

oh i want this bottle like forever too!! last week i was going around asking if it has finally hit our stores! still hasn't :/ can't wait to smell it +try it on.

laura emily said...

Great post dear, definately something to wait all day for! Mine is up as well.

SICK. said...

this perfume obsession reminds me of my obsession with diasy.
because i got it without smelling it !
they didn't have it in canada, and i had convinced myself that i couldn't live without it.
which i couldn't.

but i've heard bad things about the chloé perfume ! although the bottle & all that the fragrance embodies could sure as hell persuade me to buy it despite the bad rap.


Lola Eliza. said...

Ahh I really want it too!

Jelenie said...

Mmmm Chloe...

And A dear, I've posted a special Goldfrapp interview especially for you up at my blog. Hope you like it. :)

**I must admit, I've never heard anything by Goldfrapp. I deserve a slap, I think**

*Flora said...

lovely display.
it's not around in austria neither.
so curiosity is rising :)
thx for sharing
greets *FLORA

discothequechic said...

yes, but does it smell any good. thats what I'm eager to know.

I've had many a perfume induced broken heart,involving falling in love with the advert and the bottle, and really the whole marketed package, all to get a whiff of something that my nose really doesn't take a fancy too.. so sad!

oh, I really have made that all sound like it's the worst disappointment in the world!

it's not.

Bruno said...

What on Earth could "cette chloé fille" mean, I wonder???

Tru said...

awesome ad

Bojana said...

Chloé girls are HOT

alluretone said...

oh, i want to be in that room full of chloe pefumes hanging from the ceiling!!

Patrice said...

*le sigh* Chloe.
and um "clowns" = one of my new favorite songs!