dress + more.

cardigan : secondhand
lame tights : american apparel
tennis shoes : urban outfitters
sequined clutch : vintage

while out shopping today, i found;

the cutest ceramic fawn bank

my new trainers

& an adorable present for a certain mate of mine.
i would post a picture but i'm afraid she might see ;]
oh & it's so cute too! i want to keep it for myself.

currently listening;

rilo kiley : the moneymaker

xx A.


Mash said...

I exactly listening the same thing of you (sophie,roisin,alison goldfrapp) hehe

Tru said...

that's when you know a gift is great...you want to keep it for yourself..post a pic once you give it to her please

Sage said...

I love your blog~WOULD YOU LIKE TO exchange links? (why am i shouting?)the vintage purse is sooo pretty and the tennis shoes are totelly sporty chic

Cool Urbanite. said...

Wat een lief beeldje!! Echt superrr!

Ook leuk outfitje btw.

LIZ said...

love your outfit, as always ;]
your new tennies are adorable!
& the talk of presents gets me all excited! wait until you receive yours!

discothequechic said...



The cardigan is very similar to an American Apparel one that I have been meaning to get my mitts on.

And the Fawn! I'm having nostalgic deja vu.. I could have sworn I bought a similar one from a car boot sale when I was about 8.

Hmm, wonder whatever happened to it..

Ali said...

love your outfit, dolly.
hee hee i want to keep YOUR present for moi. you should be proud of my fabolous ability to exhibit some self control. hee hee. xo

Alexa said...

HOLY CRAP YOUR BLOG IS AWESOME! the header. the music. i feel like im at a virtual party.

WendyB said...

I find that deer a little eerie!