chocolate, perfume, cigarettes.

as i was taking my routine bubblebath the other night, listening to my mix of jazz classics & house dance anthems, charlotte gainsbourg's 5:55 suddenly filled the room & i couldnt help but get all excited about her much anticipated guest edited edition of parisian vogue,

ive seen quite a few scans floating around on thefashionspot & as each new one pops up,
i am amazed at how much better it is than the last. seriously, each editorial is amazing & i am only sharing with you a few [repeat that - few] of my very favourites. because there is so much more, you might just have to spend all the last of your change -from that certain shoe splurge at saks- to get your own copy.

& if that isnt enough, the issue also comes along with a calendar (!) so you can have the beauty of parisian vogue hanging on your wall all year long.

now, if only american vogue could put out something like this.
new years resolution, anna?
perhaps you should have brunch with carine more often.
it might do more good than you would think.

currently listening to charlotte, of course



Ali said...

darling, everytime i read french vogue i become more and more disgusted with american v. its simply so ah-mazing, non?

Alexa said...

charlotte gainsbourg is seriously ridiculously awesome. if only all of us could be that cool...

ps. tagged you on my blog :]

Lashéro said...

Ohla, nice blog you got there. I've link it, hope you like mine and link.thanks!

discothequechic said...

So effing excited!

Bojana said...

That editorial with Sasha is so soft and amazing!

Ana said...

french vogue is just so amazing.

by the way i too am lusting after that erin featherston bag....its stolen my heart.

LIZ said...

these spreads are beyond amazing; im obsessed!
gorgeous post darling x

alluretone said...

the editorial with kinga looks amazing and i loved the shoot with sasha.

alluretone said...

the editorial with kinga looks amazing and i loved the shoot with sasha.

discothequechic said...

Oh really?
How funny, I was going to made a "best 07" eds review post and include those too.

But to be honest, I'm not really surprised by how similar our posts are, have accepted that we just have very similar taste.

I must admit, I've never been much of a reader of Harpers, I always used to cast it off as full of socialites and blah rich wives, but I now know I should give it a chance, so no, I haven't noticed the new site. Though I know W have stepped away from

Also, don't you think the fact the US Vogue is so unashamedly shite it actually quite fun? If it was good, we wouldn't be able to pick on Anna!

Héloïse J. said...

'new years resolution, anna?' hahaha! naah it would be boring if we didn't have the mediocre one :)

Mash said...

I didnt buy this issue yet but I love Charlotte even if I prefer when she sings in french hehe and yeah i ll use your bag darling :)