every few months, i find myself infatuated with a new editorial.
lately these seem to have been delivered by the always avant-garde W magazine.
gotta love those big pages.
the last to catch my innate attention was Mert & Marcus''Into The Woods' styled by Alex White [August 2007], which featured a gorgeous Doutzen Kroes lost in the woods, wearing only gigantic bows & extravagant furs. in one word, it was amour.
i immediately ripped out every page & posted them on my wall.

which is exactly what i am plan to do with my latest infatuation.
Craig McDean's 'Topsy-Turvy'. styled yet again by Alex White.
i seem to have a thing for this Alex White.
but, really, the photos speak for themselves.

models: Raquel Zimmermann & Suvi Koponen.
December 2007 issue.

the colour scheme is perfection. i'm loving all the comme des garcons, the prada, the black & white viktor & rolf heels...i could go on & on.


currently listening;

love, A.


Patrice said...

Oh, I was going to post those photos from W as well. They were gorgeous. :)

discothequechic said...

The Into The Woods spread was undoubtedly one of 2007's best.

Albeit rather controversial!

SICK. said...

oh my god,
that magazine & it's precious photography is going to be in my caring hands veeery soon.

& i haven't yet ripped out my 'into the woods' spread, for fear of accidentally ruining the perfect pages.
but it is definitely my absolute favourite spread ever.
hands down.


Ali said...

W is always genius,darling, but i honestly fell over dead for this last editorial. it was beyond. xo

Mash said...

I absolutely love the last editorial <3 it's been a long time since i havent visited your blog but whaouuuuu congrats it's cool i love it <3
kisses bella

Lashéro said...

hello, i love this post.Raquel is amazing, great face ,great model!

Aaron B. said...

oooooooh, i loved that "topsy turvy" spread. so surreal and beautifully trippy. and raquel is such a chameleon and that was when my love affair with suvi was still quite new. and yes, alex white is amazing. she's been around for ages and used to style the prada shows through the 90's. she's basically made W into what it is, stylistically speaking.