wonderful electric.

yesterday :

listening to dragonettes 'i get around' on repeat. the van she remix a mate sent me.
parker calls. 'i dont want to open it; its so beautiful'
he loves my homemade wrapping paper.
'its my favourite present' he says. i smile & glitter in the dark.
i'll call you later. later comes. 2am.
me watching alison sing church hymns.
in her disco costume & curly nest of hair.
'because the lord god made them all'
i laugh & fall in love with her even more.
i draw a pagan symbol on my finger.
parker doesnt call.
teatime. i dive into 'my summer of love'.
'of course seperation is to love as champagne is to parties'
i think of parker.
wishing i was hiding away in a closet full of old drama props. with alison.
we could be like tamsin & mona.

morning :

this time its goldfrapps 'stare mesto' playing softly in the distance.
days go by so fast. my new mate logs on.
'will sex for goldfrapp' - 'will goldfrapp for sex'
this continues for awhile.
enter the best friend. erotic dreams.
'goldfrapp was playing in the background'.
'i cant tell you'. 'please'. ok.
i told you her voice was like 'an innocent orgasm'.
'the best kind' he says.
no time to exersice. i feel fat.
dont eat, dont eat.
my hair actually looked good today.
the kind of messy pony we strive to don.
i feel happy. i found pretty alison photos.
'its odd how the littlest things can make you so happy & the stupidest things make you sad'
i say. 'mmhm' the new mate replies.

may i share my happiness with you?

Handsome boy and girl
You taunted til it broke
Sun has eyes
And sea is clear
A generic world is clean
White soft rope
White soft rope

love, A.


moi said...

ooh darling your blog is too much. j'adore every single thing you've written!

Bambi said...

love love love your blog xoxxo

liz said...

i beyond adore the new direction your blogs taking. i loving hearing about your life with your own (wonderfully) dramatic, poetic twist on it ;]