fly me away.

- i wouldnt normally post again so soon but i felt the need & had to share my thoughts with everyone -

i was over this song for awhile. its was one of the first frapp songs i ever had on my ipod so inturn it was one of the most played...

& with my recent obsession & discovery of new goldfrapp tunes - it kinda got pushed to the back.

but now i seem to be in love with it again. ♥ & you've just got to love the shout out they make about her shoes.

i mean, that is one of the reasons i adore her so much. [i will admit i am a bit obsessed]

how fab does her hair look there? all tucked into that adorable hat. love it.


& the shoes i am so uber-ly [is that even a word] lusting at the moment are featured in this video at 00:16 seconds :
purple platforms that are glittery & have pompoms? omg. can it get any more glam?

who wouldnt want to raid her shoe closet or even just her closet for that matter?!

i know i would; among other things. ;]


oh & please enjoy my new music player. filled with all the lovely goldfrapp tunes you could ever want.


The Stiletto Effect said...

first time on your blog. love it!!

moi said...

dahhhhhling - can you please please tell me how to add links to other blogs and websites? im oh so confused.
also can you maybe help me with a music player?
merci merci!

coco said...

i love goldfrapp, the fact that they have their own crazy look makes their music even better
great blog

Gabriella Tinelli said...

very interesting..

ciao Gabriella from Italy

laura emily said...

Goldfrapp are cool!
Thanks for linking! I will link you back! xx

The Stiletto Effect said...

me again :)
going to link you too