friday the 13th.
everyday its the same.
wake up. read. tea. read. more tea.
tomorrow breaks the mold.
im going on a shopping trip.

to pass the time i draw stars under my eyes.
to be like the girl i see in pictures.
& on my walls.

'have you heard her laugh?' i ask.
he writes ':orgasms:'
'and that is why i love you so much.'
i love you. i love you too.

yesterday its a message from goldfrapp :

'As you can see from the view out of our studio window on we’re still locked away in the countryside working away on songs for our new album.

We’ve been busy writing and recording since the end of last year – winter was hard but the shoots started appearing in the spring and should be ready for harvest by the end of the year. Meanwhile we’re getting new ideas together for the artwork and the website so keep your eyes and ears peeled...

Thanks for all the continued support and emails!
Be seeing you, Alison and Will xx'

now i write ': orgasms:'.
could it be any more exciting?

it rained so hard. bollocks; i said.
we ran outside in it. my fringe got soaked.
i loved that feeling.

im thinking ill get my hair cut again.
like emily blunts. in her new movie.
i just adore her.

i love it. very the surrealist movement in paris.
the 20s & 30s. what do you think?

im off to read & then have even more tea.

love, A.


Patrice said...

Oh I love Emily Blunt.

I was considering the same sort of haircut, but I have extremely curly hair so that would be murder to maintain and then grow back out!


Tru said...

the pictures won't show and its leaving me quite distrught