oh, amour!

i dont really know how to start this post without the repetitive use of the words - adorable, lovely, cute, fabulous, girly & sweet. what i am referring to is targets next GO Collection for winter 08. im always excited for what designer target will showcase next [im just waiting for a stella mccartney collaboration] but the last collection they had by patrick robinson disappointed me so much. i didnt buy one thing! not one. i looked at it once & was over it. the collection was so boring & blah. but target has made it all better again - libertine is in line for the autumn collection & its fab. very collegic & smart. which brings me to erin fetherston's adorable new collection - it reminds me so much of chloĆ© [my most favourite designer] & of adorable little girls growing up in the seventies. its all so girly & cute! & im just in love. thank god i found out about it early; so i can save up to buy every piece! ♥.

erin [in red] backstage at one of her very own fashion shows

& this is the collection

- start saving your money now -

& this is my favourite of them all - that bag?! ohmygoodness.
can it get any better than a giant red heart bag?! sigh.

love, moi.

erin fetherston hits target stores in november


laura emily said...

i heart your new blog! it's fab! Check out some of mine sometime! :D

Tru said...


moi said...

arent you too excited about erin doing targets GO collection? i swear i almost orgasmed when i first found out...

gilda said...

ooh!! the collection is too cute!!! i love it!

missselfproclaimedartistic said...

when is this coming to target??