fascist baby.

on this lazy tuesday i feel like doing nothing else but re-reading my french vogues & listening to some fabulous music, so the post today will be really short & about [what else?] music :

here are two of my favourite tracks from the lovely, lovely album FELT MOUNTAIN; which is always playing on my ipod & is the perfect soundtrack for a lazy afternoon.


the offical video is a bit odd but - its what youd expect from goldfrapp but knowing alison - the end result will always be fabulous.

& pilots live - because i like the orignal version better than the remixed video version.

alison is so much better live, anyways. sigh.

UTOPIA [possibly one of my favourite songs - ever, ever, ever]

live, again - because she just looks so cute with her natural hair colour & all - even better - because mine is the same. ;]

have a lovely tuesday everyone.

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