after a not so interesting, or - in this case fabulous post, i have come up with a new idea/addition to my blog. its called 'dress' in which case i will post my outfit of the day, inspiration for it & also where you can find my digs yourself. if you feel like copying. which is fine by me. we all do a little copying now & then, right?

yesterday was so bloody blah. doctors, etc. but i did glam it up with this outfit, along with a long trip to starbucks last night. nothing tastes better than a green tea frapp after a hard day...

first off the inspiration : mary-kate olsen.
i dont care how many people hated her for her 'bag lady' look a few years back. i, in fact worshiped her for it. her drive to be different. interesting. all those bracelets were divine! suprisingly enough, this outfit is very dressed down for the usual ms. olsen.

shes pairing an american apperal deep v neck tee with jeans from her [fabulous] new range 'the row' topped off with [imo the accessory of the moment] raybans wayfarers, that to die for miu miu clutch [sold out online] & her signature christian louboutin heels. fabulous!

second. my take on the look.

[sorry for the picture, my camera is horrid]

i took a regular old hanes mens tee [target] & cut the neck/sleeves to be more flattering which i paired with some lux brand grey skinny jeans [], a fab cocktail ring my best friend gave me, along with my christian louboutins & [i forgot to put them in] my own pair of rayban wayfarers [they usually run around 100 dollars but you can get a great cheap pair at forever21] & last but not least my white balenciaga motorcycle bag. [ive had it for forever; its so dirty lol]

so, hopefully this was a better fashion fix than my previous post. ive got many more fabulous ideas, so keep checking back.

ciao darlings. love, moi.

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liz said...

totally loving these types of posts; more please!
bisou, bisou.