russian doll.

dear vogue,
after many uninspiring cover star choices these past few months, excluding the brilliant may cover, of course. i was thrilled to see a [gasp!] model on your cover. & not just any model [ie. gemma or gisele] the gorgeous natalia vodianova; whos been a favourite of mine since i was 14. so thank you vogue for leaving it to the models. they [as we all know] really do do fashion best.

love, moi.

for more of nat run out now & buy your copy of the july issue of VOGUE now.



Patrice said...

I saw that as well! I was very excited. It gave me a slight bit of hope that Vogue could go back to their true form...

laura emily said...

you are so right! it is a great issue this time- and i just love natalia.