touch my garden.

Roses by Henri Fantin-Latour; Lillian Gish by Edward Steichen for Vanity Fair, December 1932; Unknown; Portrait of Madame du Barry mistress of Louis XV, 1769; Salò, 1975; Chrysanthemums by Henry Fantin-Latour; Unknown; Maude Fealy in King René’s Daughter, 1913

what better way to celebrate a coming spring than with pretty girls and flowers. i'm looking forward to a season filled with weekly ballet lessons and warm afternoons reading in the sun porch. here's an accompanying soundtrack. enjoy.


ALCOHOLS said...

so pretty. I love spring so much, thats the time when I live the most.

Laura said...

I love this post. Perfect for womens day and the start of spring

fashion meets art said...

what for a wonderful and beautiful women- post! love it!
thanks for sharing and this inspiration.
maren anita

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