jewelry box.

above is the vintage farrington jewelry box i got at christmas from my brother and a few of my most favourite pieces inside. from the top row left to right:

deco inspired earrings: forever 21
spanish brooch and pendant: vintage
deco inspired bracelet: urban outfitters
gold rose ring: a gift from my parents when i was ten
vintage 1930's venetian glass ring: pippin nyc
gold snake ring: the garage nyc
gold abstract coral ring: from a friend
gold band ring: vintage
chandelier piece earrings: forever 21
tassel earrings: forever 21
vintage onyx and gold leaf bracelet: from a friend


Aubrey. said...

love your jewellery box! It reminds me of one I bought from my recent trip to india, but mustard with gold.

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Catherine said...

such a beautiful box. right now, i'm just using a box my mom's louis vuitton wallet came in. everything gets tangled up inside there...

Sharon said...

What a precious, beautiful box. And I love the way you've arranged your jewellry within it x

bella said...

I love your box! It looks beautiful, I too want like yours) And bracelet from urban outfiters is amazing.

Vellfire said...

The box is so beautiful and look classic. Awesome!

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ALCOHOLS said...

Jealous of the lovely jewelry you have! I could never fit mine into one box. x

kyra zoe said...

so lovely

Soph. said...

That jewelry box is adorable and your jewels look gorgeous in it.

Xox Soph

michelle said...

i truly adore this beautiful box and your array of jewellery

The Dress Up Corner

Engagement Rings New York said...

Oh wow, that's very nice, Jewelry lovers will really like to keep this box and read your post. I would love to revisit your blog.

trophy said...

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