reading list.

1. The Movies, Mr. Griffith, and Me by Lillian Gish with Ann Pinchot
"What you get is a living, what you give is a life."
First Publishing 1969

as with every year, they start out with resolutions; among working on better posture and doing the vitamin thing i've resolved to read more. i am notorious for picking up a book and only getting half way through finding myself distracted by seemingly better things, but not this time. i've already finished two but the first (jane austen's emma) was only completed in 2012 so doesn't completely follow the "rules". so, to keep me on top of it, i'll be making little reviews on every book i start and finish.

the first is the autobiography of lillian gish, one of my coveted christmas presents, i simply could not wait to devour it. written by miss gish herself nearly fifty years ago it really is a first hand telling of the real old hollywood. and it reads so easy, like you're listening to all her little stories one by one, as if they were fairy tales and she were your glamourous grandmother. stories of dinner parties with the fitzgeralds, of why the first set of false eyelashes were made and how movie close ups were invented. but now that they are over, i'm aching for more. i feel as though it's the end of a two week love affair; this is only the second book to ever make me cry. so now it's time to rekindle the love and work my way through each and every one of her films, a small but glorious silent feat in itself, starting with the white sister.


ALCOHOLS said...

mmm this looks really nice. Im yet to gain the patience with silent movies, though Im already head over heels with Hollywood 1900-1930s. looking forward to more reviews! xx

kiss me quick said...

that book looks lovely.

This post made me want to curl up in bed and read a good book ^^



I'm always moved by your tasteful literacy. Your wit is charming and not artificial.


Stace said...

I really need to take a leaf out of your book (hehe) because I have about 5 half-read books in my room. Ever since I stopped studying literature I've not been committed to reading like I used to be. Love your choices!


heart in a cage said...

Good idea! Looking forward to reading more reviews!
I'm currently reading Anna Karenina but rather slow, I'm afraid I don't have much time the next few weeks. :(

emma said...

sounds amazing! one of my resolutions too as i always found myself in the same position. looking forward to some more reviews!! xx

Angela said...

This looks stunning, and sounds just gorgeous. Might need to find...