i can hear this beat it fills my head up.

it's september & as the days slowly grow cooler & cloudier, every morning i'm finding myself ruffling through creaky drawers for a knitted sock or ratty old cardigan to add a bit of warmth to a worn out summer getup & i can't help but think that the wardrobe of secondhand cutoffs & croptops i've become so well accustomed with the past few months - just won't do anymore.

it's always difficult to think up a workable wardrobe for each new season from what's already hanging up in your closet without feeling the need to go out & buy a completely new one. so, not while sifting through a favourite swedish blog or even while leafing through a trusty old glossy did i find the one photo that answered all my questions - it was instead through a random late night google image search of one of my newest favourite filles, florence welch. her gorgeously eclectic mix of patterns inspired me to simply just put together all my favourites from past seasons & carelessly throw them all on at once, weather accordingly, as she had.

i like to think the zigzag tribal print dress was a favourite of hers in the springtime rolling about in the park, the classic leopard coat & floral tapestry bag were handed down winter staples, the leather snakeskin bag a favourite summer holiday streetmarket find & the knitted scarf a handmade birthday gift & must have for fall. throw on a bit of sheer red lippy, trusty black tights & wooly socks with vintage granny boots, like these, on your feet & youre perfectly set for those long autumn afternoons sat outside your favourite caf with a warm cuppa & a beatup moleskin to jot down all the kooky poems that pop in your head by your side.


currently listening to drumming song.


mel said...

leopard <3

discothequechic said...


lovely, this was exactly the post I was talking about!

oh aand, me, jo and emily are going to our local haunt on thursday (think I've told you about it before, it's a club on a boat, I know I've sent you tipsy texts from there before)

anyway, florence is having an aftershow party there and I got us on the guestlist. hoorah, hopefully she'll be wearing something lovely and I'll get a couple of snaps for you.

love xxx

Sam said...

Awesome, awesome coat!

Love it!

Samantha @PrettyLovely

HARLS said...

Yes, yes, yes! This is the way forward.
I am currently throwing together florals, furs, sequins, headscarves, boots, gold, leather and a bit of this and that.
It should always be like this, don't become a slave to particular trends!
(It also saves you a lot of money!!)

jessica said...

oh boy , i love this post .
& ive been looking for a leopard coat since the beginning of high school , and ive yet to find the perfect one .

lovelydisco said...

I love her. And ditto to what Jessica said above me. I've been searching for a leopard coat for aaaages. Many is the eBay bidding war I've lost. :(

Wonderlander said...

Oh Florence is just plain and simple awesomeness and drumming song is infectious


Cafe Fashionista said...

J'adore the way you mix prints. This is so fabulous! :)

marousya said...

stunningly beautiful! but a ^red^ moleskine would make it even better!

B a r t a b a c said...

I really love your style, you are like Alexa Chung!!!!Kisses from Spain, I invite you to know my blog:

DON'T SWEAT IT said...

Can't get enough of Flo. She's coming to NY next month for show and my excitement just can't be contained anymore. Tickets go on sale on Friday and I can't wait to purchase mine. Weeeee!!

a. said...

autumn is grrrreat because of getting colder, right. to wear bohemian dresses, peysly (no idea how to write this) bags, fur boots and many layers of knit is a great thing.
oh my godness dear, that outfit is AMAZING. wow. i'm soo in love. i wanna wear the same tomorrow... chch.


Bianca and Isabella said...

love that bag, need it!

the crumpet girls

Ashley said...

Beautiful look to transition into fall. Loving the leopard-print coat sooooo much.


Banshee Beat said...

love this outfit&your blog

~ Kelly Ann ♥ said...

Love this entire look~

~ Kelly Ann~


Kat said...

oh dear me, i think i have quite the girl crush on florence. she has amazing style and is really great live too.
love this outfit

Malu said...

Cool outfit! I love your blog!

Annie said...

LOVE Florence. My parents do too now. Thanks to Jools Holand!

linda said...

nice outfit! ;)

KAELA said...

I love that leopard jacket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

want it ha! :)

Anonymous said...

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