i can't hear your voice, do i have a choice?


i'm up on less than three hours sleep, throwing outfits together, putting film in my just found thrifted film camera, making shopping lists, mapquesting & updating the ipod with my own copy of the blogger summer playlist.

i'm going on a roadtrip tomorrow & in the midst of getting ready i 'happened' upon lissy trullie's brand new video for their cover of hot chip's ready for the floor.

& i thought i kindof had to repost it.

also, recreating this tomorrow morning after a typical but vegetarian diner breakfast;

the timing couldnt be more perfect. happy weekend everyone!



thatsorad said...

sick blog man! cant wait to check out the playlists!

hippyhippychic said...

love her style.

geisharock said...

great song, i shall have a lookie at your playlists too xx

Patricia Ann said...

That play list was brilliant and that video is hot. Need to listen to Hot Chip again, it's been awhile.

Suz said...

Lissy has such great style.
It's simple but powerful. I love that.

Sounds like you'll be having a great weekend! :)

jessica said...

road trips are the top !
absolute besssst .
& girltalk has a song that samples her version of hot chip's ready for the floor, it's awesome .

Kat said...

i love her hair
cool version too

lovelydisco said...

Oh Lissy...

*Coco said...

i love this song.
thank you very. very, very much, for following my blog :)

K. said...

ughh just came back from a wayyy too long road trip-once in fl i was fun but the ride back was torture especially when you catch strep or the flue from a kid infested pool ;P
heres to hoping yours is a lot cooler and involves only thrifted deals and photogenic people minus the kiddies..

K. said...

oh and i heart hot chip to the fullest
do it do it do it do it do it do it do it now, say it say it...well you get the point

NoƩmie K said...

wow luv this pic***°°°***

jessica said...

hey so come back now !
four days , not cool .
how can i manage without fervent laroux/lissytrullie adoration, tea&cigarettes, sweet and hazy descriptions of your day, authentic brit slang, and songs i just HAVE to have on my ipod .

come baaaaaaaack, svp ?