i've been thinking too much about you, see the sun set with no sleep at all.

i cant wait until i can wake up beneath a messy array of plants, potted in terra cotta on a dirt sprinkled windowsill in my own flat on a narrow street in 10002.

flowers via signe + my temporary room + exlovers + my most played song of the moment done live



Champagne Wishing said...

love the sleeping photo

Mathieu said...

i think people often underestimate the effectiveness of plant life in creating a very sumptuous interior space!
i imagine my flat would always utilize the drama of large sculptural flora, also.
P.S. i have missed your (regular) posts!

Lola-Elise said...

the third pic is my favourite
and i cant wait to get my own flat..

come visit me sometime..


cuteseas said...

when my boyfriend and i get our own place i'm going to have plants everywhere!!!!

Violet said...

The sleeping photo is so.. i dont have the words lol i just love it

your are so awesome i love reading ur post

Vi from

Anonymous said...

i love the flowers

Ilse said...

I actually have that song on my blog right now. it's so beautiful, like all of the Trentemøller music!

tyler. said...

I miss waking up to the iPod.
Even though I woke up before it went off,
which woke you up as I writing you a note.

Good times.

Anonymous said...

i love the third picture- it looks almost like a film still or something.. gorgeous.

Anonymous said...