it's late in the night, dancing is done.

all your questions answered.

what was your favourite photo you took while away? this one of alison mosshart. what’s your one favourite song? black cherry by goldfrapp. green & purple dots = the 11,000 clicks interactive menu? if you could be any fictional character, who would it be? tamsin from ‘my summer of love’, so i could live a lie as tragically lovely as hers. predict an interesting trend you feel is on the horizon. really oversized mens shirts buttoned up all the way, lace socks & bleached eyebrows. your favourite fruit? blueberries, grapefruit & grapes. if you could be any other nationality, which would it be? i'd have an english father & a swedish mother. i would have to be both, i couldnt possibly choose. favourite disney movie? the little mermaid. favourite garment you have ever owned? daddy’s favourite worn in denim jacket. who are you most envious of? the girls with skinny legs, perfect skin & funny accents.

the world is ending. who’s your last text message sent to? my mum, naturally. where is that lovely hat from? the drama closet at school. they were doing an annual clean out & needed to get rid of a few things so i decided the hat must come home with me. what piece of clothing would you love to have regardless of cost? either a lanvin dress, a ysl pantsuit or a martin margiela blazer. who’s wardrobe would you raid if you had the chance? róisín murphy’s & lykke li’s. describe your dream day. i’d wake up to the sound of traffic & birds in the middle of some big fashionable city, put the kettle on for a pot of tea & escape to my sun dappled rooftop garden still in my knickers to sift through blogs & foreign fashion magazines, take some notes & write a bit in my beatup moleskine, have a few fags & lose myself in a playlist of my most favourite tunes. i’d then venture out to the corner grocer to pick up supplies for a dinner party i’d be throwing later. a few mates & i would stay holed up inside all day, dancing around the kitchen failing at correctly following the recipes because we’d be too busy chatting about what we were going to wear. we’d then spend too long getting ready before the rest arrived with bottles of champagne & extra polaroid film. we’d share niçoise on the roof, smoke with dessert & dance tipsy under the stars. what do you want to do career wise? i’d love to be a fashion editor/stylist for a really chic, innovative underground fashion magazine. what is your favourite perfume? at the moment it’s tom ford’s black orchid. favourite magazine? purple. favourite film? my summer of love. favourite book? my summer of love by helen cross; it’s just as good as the movie.

favourite era? the twenties & thirties. if you could have the wardrobe of any film character who would it be? i dont think i’ve seen enough films to properly answer, but who wouldn’t love to have the wardrobe of annie hall even if you’ve haven’t ever seen it. favourite model? sasha pivovarova & natalia vodianova. favourite tv show? the l word. how old are you? nineteen. if you could be a magazine, which would you be? purple. my favourite. it's a little trashy but always chic. favourite disney princess? ariel. what’s on your wishlist? a trip to stockholm, a teapot, tickets to the nyc fever ray show, american apparel track tee, a beatup slouchy leather handbag, lace socks, lolita in paperback, floral crop tops, flat black ankle boots, a record player, sheer footless tights, a vintage bicycle that still works, more polaroid film & róisín’s h&m fashion against aids bodysuit. what’s your favourite music/band/artist of all time? i like old jazz & anything electronic based; trance, house, ambient & triphop/goldfrapp/róisín murphy.

if you could do anything & are guaranteed no failures for your life, what would you be/do? a poet. if you could chose one person to be your flatmate for the next ten years, who would that person be? rosheen of course! favourte piece of jewellry? my art deco onyx ring from pippin in nyc & a wooden shell topped ring a mate in amsterdam gave me. favourite model of the moment? zuzanna krzatala & heidi mount. what’s your guilty pleasure? cigarettes. what’s your remedy for when you’re feeling blue? my ipod, a cup of tea & the night sky. what is your most coveted item? at the moment i'd die for some acne shoes. favourite drink? vodka & juice, champagne, & tea. what song is playing on your page? off & on by róisín murphy. most favourite recent purchase? my acne jeans & topshop blazer. when did you discover fashion? how old were you? what triggered it? my mother was a model in the early eighties so i was always around gorgeous clothes & was forever dressing up in her closet but when i was twelve, on a family roadtrip, i happened upon an issue of W with kate moss on the cover in my mothers things, i sat & read & reread through it for hours & i’ve been obsessed ever since. cats or dogs? kitty cats! favourite actress? julie delpy.


currently listening on repeat : you don't have a clue : röyksopp


jayne said...

oo this is a really great survey

your ideal day sounds perfect, who wouldn't love to lounge around a rooftop reading about fashion in their underwear? hehe

never had champagne & tea before, but sounds intriguing

tyler. said...

Guess what?
I'm stealing this for myspace, naturally.

Once again, the song on here scared the shit out of me.

Miss you insanely.

hrose said...

beyond fabulous survey... your answers were not only revealing but lovely to read. a fantastic idea for a post too.


min it said...

I´m sure you´ll be a fashion editor/stylist...

Anonymous said...

fuuuuuucking love these answers! especially 'perfect day' sounds so dreamy. when are we going to hear all about your NY trip chica?! X

Ivan said...

hi! that's great! by the way I love your blog! ;)

Anonymous said...

yayy u answered all the questions! :)

Alma said... where did you buy those shoes????!!

maria memi said...

fun reading xx

a. said...


i bought them at forever 21 more than a year ago now...


Michael Oats said...


Spring Evening
Photographed by Michael Oats

I rellay hope you like it!


a. said...


next post, if all goes as planned! keep checking back lovey!


chantelle said...

mmmm acne shoes..

Mash said...

great answers/questions , loving to read it <3

La Chauve-Souris said...

just discover your blog !!!!
waow do you leav in london?xx

bonne nuit

jessica said...

" who are you most envious of? "
your answer resembles a certain someone by the name of julia frakes ;]

& i absolutely love 'off & on' , thanks for putting it on your page !!

oh, and you seem to really lust over some lace socks !
so cute .
personally , i want some frilly socks, like the ones little catholic school girls used to wear .
you know, the white ones that hit just above the ankle, with the sheer ruffle around the edge ?
so so so cute .
i need them pronto to wear with my new penny loafers.

ahhh okay i wrote a novel .

alexandra said...

reaaly great...thanks for sharing! xx

tess said...


That polka dot blouse on Alison Mosshart... were you at the Granada performance last month?!

I have a bevy of very similar pictures on my blog from their concert. Check it out and how crazy if you were there too!