under lightbulb sun.

will be quite absent over the next few weeks.
one. without internet.
two. a whole week with my best mate.
three. new york. seeing the kills with another best mate.

leave questions & i'll answer them survey-style my next post.
ask anything.

updates between now & then via

love, A.


black vanilla rose said...

Sounds like an awesome break, hope you have loads of fun!

Question: What was your favourite photo you took while away?

xx cinty

Mash said...

hey I'm back sweety :)
oh you're lucky I would like to go to nyc too !!!! have fun :-)
question : what's your favourite song ? (only 1 )

xoxo Mash

call me glitter, little deer said...

sounds good.
have fun there.
lovely tee btw.

anouk-graphicdesign said...

Have fun!

Green+purple dots=....?

little miss s. said...

oh darling you're so beautiful. I can't wait to see you!

Jessica said...

fun pictures !
love the vibe

Mathieu said...

i think you'll enjoy The Horrors who are performing with The Kills (possibly a dream lineup of mine)
i'm a bit jealous.

discothequechic said...

eeh, i'm going to miss you!

here are some questions..

+if you could be any fictional character, who would it be?
+predict an interesting trend you feel is on the horizon
+your favourite fruit?
+if you could be any other nationality, which would it be?

much love! xxxx

tyler. said...

Ah, I cannot wait!

Have fun!

liana said...

those photos are excellent. have a great time!


1.fave disney movie
2.fave garment you have ever owned.

Anonymous said...

Have a great time!!! will miss reading this blog for a little while! xo

hippyhippychic said...

who are you most envious of?
great blog
(: x

mercury in retrograde said...

Question: the world's ending. Who's your last text message sent to?

Have fun on your trip!

CapuccinoB. said...

question: where is that lovely hat from?

have fun :)


Anonymous said...

hope you have a good time!

- what piece of clothing would you LOVE to have.. regardless of cost?

- who's wardrobe would you raid if you had the chance?

- describe your dream day!

- what do you want to do.. career wise?

- what is your favourite perfume?

- magazine?

- film?

- book?

- era?

- ohhh, i thought of another, similar to discotheques, but if you could have the wardrobe of any film character.. who would it be?


Anonymous said...

who is your favourite model?
what is your fav tv show?

Anonymous said...

how old are you?

cuteseas said...

ooo! have a lovely time! :)

Anonymous said...

haha what is your favourite disney film???

Michael Oats said...

Hey! How r u?

I'm back and I uploaded new pictures today. I hope u like them.

Photographed by Michael Oats

hrose said...

love these pics... and jealous of your break, it sounds like perfection.

question: if you could be a magazine, which one would you be. (random, yes, but it's how my mind works haha).


Alba said...

Those photos are absolutely beautiful! Any chance you could link me, i've just started blogging

alba x

discothequechic said...

haa that hrose is one crazy kid.
but it's a great question, there is no denying it.

and ohh michael oats, you shameless spamming blogger, you!


Anonymous said...

haha, who is your favourite disney princess..? whats on ya wishlist?
love, marie.

tracyjacks said...

love your blog :0
have a great 3 weeks off and dont forget to take a looooad of photos :)
i have a couyple of questions :)

1.I've noticed you always have good music on your blog so whats your favorite music/band/artist of all time?

2. If you could do anything and are guaranteed no failures for your life, what would you be/do?


jessica said...

you're gonna be gone ?!?!
im cybercrying .
that sucks, i guess i'll have to make do without 1017 , unfortunately !
have fun though .
uhm, my question is ...
if you could choose one person to be your flatmate for the next ten years, who would that person be ?

Wanderlusting said...

Just found your blog through a comment you left on Karla's Easter Post. Be strong and true - you're a kick-ass girl with a kick-ass blog and I know it's tough to stand up sometimes and admit your beliefs. I do it, but mainly to piss people off lol (worst Christian ever!) *Lusty*

Anonymous said...

ooh! hmm. what is your favourite piece of jewerally.. annd who is your fav model atm?

Bianca and Isabella said...

these pictures are rad!

Ania said...

I popped in hoping that maybe bloglovin broke down, because somehow I thought you'd be gone for a week, not few weeks :((

my Q
- what's your guilty pleasure?
- what's your remedy for when you're feeling blue (I mean seriously, not the my-dream-shoes-are-sold-out or I-gained-weight sort of way)?


diane said...

nice photos. x

pia said...
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Anonymous said...

why is disney cropping up so much haha...?what is your most coveted item.. money no object? what is your favourite drink?!

kelse said...

i heart ny too. and the kills. have a ball x

Anonymous said...

could you clue me in on the title of the song playing on your page? :)


TINA said...

You are so lucky! I'll finally be in New York next year for college and I am so excited. Anyway, I ran into your blog and I must say that I love it :)
Hope you had a fantastic time - what am I saying? The Kills and NYC? Of course you had a great time.
Well, cheers.
xx. Tina

Anonymous said...

i miss this blog too much!~!
i never have commented before but i love your writing style and picture choice.. posts are always so chic and lovely.. great references in them too! you have the best music taste and i love it when you post pix from your adventures (i think a goldfrapp/ny post i can remember..?) i apologize for my bad english btw, im brazilian but yes, i hope you are having a wonderful time and look forward to this blog being back!! I suppose a question.. hmmm, most favourite recent purchase? xxxx

Soné said...

enjoy your trip away! :)

coool blog!

:) new follower! :)

LILLIA said...

when did you first "discover fashion"? how old were you? and what triggered it?

thanks so much,
i linked you back?

Justin said...

You know what? You're just a poshy ignorant bitch.

a. said...
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Z said...


sheila said...

enjoy the trip :)
love the photos