uptown, downtown.

it wouldn't be new york without the uptown, where chic ways and cool sophistication reside. with the urbanity and throughbred vanity, the couture and the demure and the delightfully colorful insanity that runs in the family trees. we're too rich and too thin. and we like our gin. we're old school, blue blood, clubby and crusty and hoity-toity too. it wouldn't be new york without downtown, where all the freaks and geeks and madcaps swarm. where bohemians buzz and beats flee the fuzz and punkies and drunkies still rub elbows with junkies, all for the sake for art. we're the new school, and we play the fool, and we'll go to the opening of a door. we're avant and proud, maybe a little bit loud, but it wouldn't be our party unless it was chichi and arty.

vanessa, dree & harley.

photos & text : interview march 09



Elizabeth said...

i love the second and third one!

M. said...

ah, i want to go back to new york now! ;)

Anonymous said...

this was surely my favourite part of this issue of interview!

your blog is amazing, you are so beautiful.


hrose said...

these pictures are amazing... dree defies words.

uptown all the way!


hippyhippychic said...

harleys outfit is to die for!
i want some tights like hers.
love the blog, my first stop for gorgeous photos
(: x

Christing said...

love harley! you are an amazing writer!

Tjejsajten said...

dree hemingway is quite literally everywhere these days! well at least in the blogging world. i loooooove that first shot, so amazing. gotta say though, harley is my fave.

setyourselfonfire said...

ahhh i want to visit new york so bad!

Annie said...

mmm, in love with the second dress.

Jessica said...

So beautiful.
The words&
the women.

Vintage Tea said...

I love these piks

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Anonymous said...

very nice editorial

ambiquitous said...

love the second dress. love your blog in general. xx

grace said...

dree is blowing uppppp! great shoot!

discothequechic said...

ooh i do rather like these.
don't you think it's quite amazing how different dree looks like her hair tied back?

kind of more masculine and strong.