if only my room were so perfectly messy.

im off to ikea tomorrow hoping to check a few things off my list.

faux orchids for my makeshift garden table desk, more affinia 50 smelling candles, crisp white sheets, an array of black frames for editorials, a pair of clothing racks

now ive just got to decide what item from my recent charity shop scour to wear for a possible 'outfit post' photoshoot after having my hair cut in the morning, downtown at the most gorgeously modern minimalist decorated salon...

i leave in five hours.


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setyourselfonfire said...

wow i love that room too. who's is it??

good luck with your shopping! i love shopping for things for my home :)

Anonymous said...

i reallllllly want Mickey Mouse ears atm for some reason....but only Comme Des Garcons ones.

cuteseas said...

ah lucky girl! have fun :)

discothequechic said...

ohh pleease you must tell us the source for these photos!

the girl and her bedroom.. too gorgeous not to share!

looking forward to hearing about this haircut and which roisin inspired option you went for.

love you long time.
(haa couldn't resist)

dress rehearsal said...

those pictures got me all anxious as well for my new apartment in a few months. ikea had some great faux orchids and babys breath that i have in my room! your blog is beautiful, we love it

marissa & kellyn

Tjejsajten said...

we're getting an ikea here and everyone is in an absolute frenzy.... (okay myself included)
i neeeed to rid of all the junk in my room.
looking forward to the outfit post!!

Violet said...

I LOVE IEKA!! ugh if only i could live in the little bedroom displays lol. good luck with the shopping

Vi from Cali

iblamecoco said...

the room's perfect! :O

oh, and i love the song on your blog. rosin murphy is great. :)

SJ said...

oh i recognise these photos...

the foxyman


Big Daddy said...

ah i love her house too!! and ikea is so addicting!!

Anonymous said...

mmm house shopping is the best. have fun. cant wait to see the new hair cut too!

pistolwhipped said...

such an inspiring blog
please continue with the lovely photos
drop past our blog
its a new born baby

Anonymous said...