you'll be director & i'll be your movie star.

happy valentines.

alexander wang bra &



Antonia Jane said...

i love that bra so much that i would wear it out with nothing over it

Tjejsajten said...

this is so cute!!

and i agree, everybody is so obsessed with that bra right now! for a very good reason!

xoxo happy hearts day!


jessica said...

happy vday lovvvie .

ooh, here's something i thought you'd love, i don't know if you've seen it yet .


landis smithers said...

darling, put that thing on, and i'll light the hell out of you, and direct you to do things your mother wouldn't want to show her mah johnng club.


hi from the left coast. nice blog.


Noemi Sunshine Ferst said...

Love the Wang bra.

Charm said...

that bra is actually really cool. I'm pleasantly surprised...

Poshhh said...

thats such an awesome bra...cute blog

alana said...

I have such a strong desire for that Alexander Wang bra, some day... in my distant dreams. Haha, lovely blog, by the way!

Raquel Raney said...

amazing thick straps.