don't you get off on it.

a little sneak peek of an outfit post to come soon.

tag from the lovely L from tjejsajten;

Describe your personal style: modern vintage.

What are the staples in your wardrobe? black tights, pashminas, a boyfriend blazer, slouchy sheer tees, cheap mondays, bandage skirts, floral dresses, oversized cardigans, tight leggings, vintage boots,
black lace bras.

What's your signature look? messy hair, american apparel basics in monochrome colours, a huge pashmina scarf wrapped multiple times around my neck, topped off with vintage jewellry & accessories; usually bags, sunnies, shoes.

What inspires you? the fashionable people on city sidewalks & whatever song my ipod shuffles to next.

Who is your fashion muse? "going out & getting dressed up at the weekend is fabulous! with a gareth pugh dress or a mad knitted outfit, you're suddenly beyond the narrow constrains of your normal everyday life." - róisín murphy.

Favorite purchase of all time? my 1970s vintage ysl heels.

Biggest splurge? weekends in nyc are always a big splurge.

Beauty routine? sunblock, ysl touche éclat, nars blusher, face stockholm lipstick in matte rod,
heavy mascara & never brushing my hair.

What jewelry do you never take off? i always take off my jewellry. but everyday i rotate through my gigantic collection of rings. mostly vintage, flea market found & given to me by mates.

What are you wishing for? a record player, leather soled brogues for the dancefloor
& a monthly rent in les nyc.

What are your obsessions? overpriced fashion magazines, street divas & cups of tea.

i tag my darling lizzy.

love, A.


discothequechic said...

oh, suchh a lovely outfit from what we can see!

the pradaesque blouse! and i'm loving the black on black of the blazer and trousers; very clean and smart, which you know is how I like everything at the moment, ha.

and thats uh, a lovely bag too..

lots of love xxxx

Stephanie said...


myra said...

Your signature looks sounds delish. Can't wait for the outfit post :)

Anonymous said...

i am stealing this quiz.
it's fantastic!!!

fashionista du jour/aindrea said...

so far so good!
thats a beyond retro tote right?
i have one :)
i'm really into blazers right now, and i love the cut of yours
(from what i can see)
look forward to the outfit post

Violet said...

its not nice to tease lol... lol but it looks great so far

zoë said...

i want cheap mondays so badly .

Big Daddy said...

Can't wait to see this whole outfit!! The looks so perfect.

I love when you said your inspired by the next song that comes on your ipod, i totally agree. Sometimes when walking to school listening to my ipod i feel like i have a sound track, hahaha.

Tjejsajten said...

"modern vintage"

xox, mt

Bianca said...

i like your blog a lot
your outfit looks like it will be very cool

Tjejsajten said...

Great answers! I love reading this stuff.

Show us the whole picture! I already spot your lacy blouse. . .


Style Magnet; Sara said...

Ugh, high-priced fashion magazines are a HUGE weakness for me! And I love that Roisin quote. Guh, I fall in love with her more & more.

róisín said...

I'm loving what we can see so far... Can't wait to see the rest!

Mona said...

Can't wait for the outfit post ;) Lovely blog, I've linked you.

Miriam said...

sweety where do you live? :)

a. said...


how flattered i am to have such a fabulous blogger comment me! :]

i live on the east coast of america, love.

soon to be new york.