and on a really good day, i'll get a coffee and i'll get the lectern put in front of me with a book on top of it and i get to look at paintings.

dirty hair, no makeup, lace bra, lamé leggings & vintage ysl fur

love, A.


cy said...

fresh spot & nice visuals. peace/love/radiance.



Felix Werbowy said...
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Sunniva said...

i wish i could say that i have a vintage ysl fur too. you lucky girl! actually, i'm wearing lamé leggings and a lace bra right now too, with no make-up and really dirty hair haha. all i need is a vintage ysl fur.

(it sounds like i'm desperately trying to get that fur off you lol. i'm just desperately jealous!)

i like your blog x

Darling said...

vintage YSL fur. U lucky girl!

July Stars said...

Lovely pictures ... Lovely girl, lovely fur!

Lee Jones said...

that fur quote is fantastic.

discothequechic said...


abby.. i can see your braaa.


and a ysl fur? where in gods name did you get that from?

it's so good to see another outfit post.

and just got your email, i'm glad we're back on track with sending them, think i'll reply tomorrow though as I'm out tonight.

happy friday!
lots of love xxx

Margot said...

nooo shit!!!! really? show more pics! these one are amazing. very stylish (:

luv luv luv roisin!!!!!

hrose said...

oooh my dear!
those pictures are making me insanely jealous! it is currently very very hot outside, and wearing anything more than a singlet and mini shorts would cause much sweat, and seeing you in such a fabulous fabulous fur (WHERE DID YOU GET IT! GREEN WITH ENVY RIGHT NOW) cute leggings and a lovely lace bra i wish it could be cold again.
if only i had power over the weather, now wouldn't that be loverly!
i'm off to the opera, which should be fun, if it wasn't so hot i might dress up.

Knight Cat said...

= perfection.


Electro Geisha said...

it is all said already but, i will say it as well, despite to your description of dirty hair and some lame leggings, you look great :)

Anonymous said...

A you are so chic..... that fur is to die for and your so so so sexy you drip with sex ..... fashion queen has been found

xoxo rehab raver

icon said...

vintage ysl fur? damn, i am so envious. love you blog as always.

DON'T SWEAT IT said... Lazy days are good.

Thanks for recommending gojane. Oh my word, what a plethora of adequately priced shoes.

Merci beaucoup.

belle.chantelle said...


ryan manning said...

neutral facial expression

Severn said...

lovely photos!

little miss s. said...

darling, I just love you.


Anonymous said...

Love that jacket.
Nice pics, btw.

beccajanie said...

these pictures are so great! loving the jacket.

Trendy Gourmandise said...

nice fur

Fashion Is Poison said...