the vanity case.

last night while sleepily sifting through alexas thread on the fashion spot, i saw this photo & something about it struck me as being a bit off; that definitely was not a 2.55 or roxanne hanging from her hand - it was a vanity case!

quite unexpected but she got me thinking about maybe digging out an old vanity case of mums i know is just sitting somewhere up in the attic gathering dust, filling it with my typical handbag fillings & incorporating it into my wardrobe...i actually think it might look quite adorable.

but what do you lot think of carrying vanity cases as handbags?
oui, non?
yes, no?
do, dont?

im curious to know if maybe its all just my un-denying love for alexa thats got me blind & only able to see whatever she does as being do-able & fabulous.



Fleurr De Lux said...

It's definitely cool, but I think it would annoy me. Personally, I need a purse with a long strap so I can have my hands free!
Although. . . perhaps my undying adoration for Alexa is making me blind too!
PS We're gonna do that favorite things tag, ASAP!

goldieoldiecharms said...

she definitey looks good carrying it! i'd probably look like i was carrying a big brown toolbox.. only alexaaa.. hahahaha! very creative though!

belle.chantelle said...

yes, if it were small.
I love structured, box-like handbags. I have two myself.

discothequechic said...

hehe, you're not going mad!

i've considered the exact same idea before, but the logistics put me off.. the heaviness of my case, and as it's bulky, how would I walk with it gracefully, without it bashing my legs and bouncing all over the place as I go?

dilemmas.. maybe you should do a special post which involves spending the day carrying one around and then report to us how it goes?..

love, xxx

srhsays said...

i think it's pretty adorable, but I couldn't pull it off, especially where I live. I'd be laughed at for carrying 'a toolbox' and again, I like to have my hands free. Maybe you could attach a leather strap to it to make it more practical?

Chloe's Chic Conception said...

I don't like this at all - I think it would be heavy and annoying to carry - and it looks like you're carrying around a toolbox.

Knight Cat said...

i use to have a purse like that but it had a strap when i was like 10. i loved it! i would def. give this a try, but be ready for strange looks and comments ahah, but i def love it!


sierra said...

it actually looks like an artbox..which is good ;
but i don't like it on her, she looks like she is trying too hard

- aaaa please don't spank me!

Tinsley said...

haha i love this! its very quirky - id carry it as a carryon case or something small when traveling

who knows? maybe it will catch on!

Style Syrup said...

I like it. However, it is a little
impractical as many have already pointed out.

Didn’t Stella feature a similar looking bag in one of her recent shows. It had a chain handle though.


hrose said...

i think it looks great with her outfit, but i have a feeling she uses vanity cases when she djs to put her CDs in, like peaches geldof did... i'm not 100% on this, but whenever i've seen her carrying them it is always en route to a dj event or leaving said event. ditto with peaches. Still, alexa pulls it off with this outfit i think, but it might be a little difficult for us mere mortals. !

Anonymous said...

i dont really like it. i like my bags slouchy and weathered.. anything structured annoys me! that is juts me though.. oohh have you been able to catch "frock me" btw?? its a fashion show w/ henry holland and alexa.. not amazing but kind of good!

Anonymous said...

ohh go here-

a load of pictures.. she WAS djing! i am the commenter above btw :) x

Anonymous said...

i always wanted to try this as well, but never did although I did try with a lunchbox.
I got annoyed at it being bulky and when I wanted to get stuff in and out.

a. said...

to annonymous with the fab alexa photos - thank you so much, darling.

those are amazing. & yeah im pretty sure shes just got loads of cds & stuff in there now for her dj sets but its still an idea i might like to give a try...

& no i havent seen frock me! i should though. shes got the best tv personality :]

cheers! x

KATLIN said...

I love it! Even old travel cases or the circle ones. Kinda unpractical when you're running around because you can't just sling it on your shoulder. But it's such a fun shape!!