ive been tagged by the fabulous knight cat to write eleven little things i love.

& i tag; lizzy from youthquaker, stevie from discotheque confusion, jaja from july stars, tinsley from starbucks and jane & the girls over at both tjejsajten & at sick

ps, you can now follow my blog with bloglovin´
ive already got a million on my list...



Anonymous said...

oo fun, i take my coffee w/ 3 sugars too, french macarrons are delicious, love early morning walks

hrose said...

early morning walks are lovely! and london is the best, though a tad expensive, but hey, if you aren't going to spend it now, when will you? love your blog. :}

July Stars said...

Oh, exciting ... i love little questionnaires and will fill mine in during my lunch break!

discothequechic said...

oh thank you for the tag!

i shall have to have a sit down and think about my replies..

and maybe even do a pretty scan, like you.

Knight Cat said...

ohhh i love the scan! amazing! aha