ten seventeen - ten eighteen.


1am. vanilla cupcake bubblebath complete with a copy of purple magazine, orange blossom candles & white wine.
2am. i crawl into bed & sleepily watch my favourite film my summer of love. dreams filled with images of the english countryside in the summertime.
12pm. i wake up & its freezing. the coldest day of the season. its raining. i turn on the radiator & creep downstairs to put the kettle on for my daily cuppa,; remnants of felt mountain still drifting from above.
1215pm. i check the post box. one decorated envelope, one birthday card from my dearest copine.
1230pm. back with my cup of asian plum & macbook, i sift through the many blogs i tend to neglect throughout the week.
2pm. i decide to head outside to the balcony. i set up loads of blankets & surround them with even more orange blossom candles, & lounge about listening to the loving hands remix of little bit on repeat, reading about alexa chung's obsession with american apparel & michelle williams' obsession with poetry.
4pm. upstairs i give the slashed leggings a go with quite the turn out (post on that soon)
5pm. i wonder about listening to all the goldfrapp albums; track to track in subsequent order.
7pm. & whilst dancing around to the end of seventh tree i put on an h&m face mask & begin to get ready for dinner.
8pm. downtown. my favourite little place. presents, cocktails & black bean burgers.
12am. mini photoshoot of the birthday soiree get up; h&m leather balenciaga-esque dress, vintage gold chains & vintage ysl heels.
2am. my birthday party. soundtrack of downtempo goldfrapp instrumentals. filled with oh so many lovely things; packages donned alisons face, pink bubbly, white roses in tiny vases, vintage pink glassware, red velvet cake with black icing, & white tea lights arranged to spell out my first initial.
3am. i sit & drink the last of my mimosa; watching the seventh tree documentary, falling in love with alison a little bit more.


i spend the entire afternoon with youth novels on repeat messing about with my presents before a surprise outing back downtown for vintage shopping at the most fabulous vintage store ever (here) that i had surprisingly never been to before & for a visit to the cupcake bakery for a strawberry cupcake.

the vintage shop is housed inside an old apartment building, each hallway leads to rooms without doors, each set up as an actual makeshift living/bedroom littered with loads & loads of vintage clothes & furniture. the top floor is an art gallery, & has an entire room dedicated solely to old records & books. & is also where i found the lovely empty room snapped in the picture above.

i left with my very own pair of doc martins. vintage of course.
they will have their first outing in new york city this weekend.



Fleurr De Lux said...

what a perfect day. such pretty photos, too.
i hope my birthday is as lovely as yours!
p.s. your birthday outfit was fantastic, too. those heels are to die for

discothequechic said...

yayy your birthday post!
ack, i feel so bad that I couldn't get a little something in the mail for you on time.

I was making your present and it kind of turned in a complicated disastar. so it's going to be late, but good!

very envious of the doc martens.. and who knew.. a good vintage store in NC. I didn;t think you had any good ones, so hoorah.

speak soon my lovely.

Chloe's Chic Conception said...

Aw, it sounds like an amazing birthday!!!! And these photos are great! Love the vintage YSLs :)

Lisa said...

oh you're so lovely.

beautiful !

love your blog.

with my upcomging birthday. i hope it's as magical as this.

I hope you had a wonderful week.


Anonymous said...

INCRED-IBLE b-day outfit. .love the description of events too etc. loved it all! glad you had a good day.

Anonymous said...

omgggggggg- dreamy pictures!! it all sounds so SO good!