ten nineteen.


8am. on the road. four hours. i sit ipod player on my lap blaring anything & everything lykke imaginable.
10am. we stop off at starbucks for coffee & a bite of breakfast.
12.30pm. we arrive & eat in georgetown for lunch & stroll around the shops.
2-5pm. i pick up a beanie at h&m (much like karolina's), triblend tank at aa, copy of jalouse at the bookstore & completely drooled over that alex wang bag. i literally walked around the entire store five times with it draped across my body, imagining it as mine. the sales lady either really wanted to make a sale or she was just being insanely nice when she told me i looked like the girl out of the alexander wang look book. gah, i wish. that bag is so going on my christmas list.
5.30pm. i change into my lykke inspired outfit in the car, struggling with mapquest on our way to the venue.
6-8pm. we sit & freeze waiting, until the doors finally open.

(1.45-1.55 - my lykke'd bunned head bobbing to little bit)

10pm. front row center. she is so much more gorgeous in real life. her jewellery rivals that of kate lanphear's & i found myself mentally putting a pair of high waisted, wide leg, stretchy black trousers on my ever going list. she almost hit me twice with her crazy dancing & i stole her water bottle.
12am. i leave carrying my new lykke li tote bag, stuffed inside - my chanel & lykke tee, lykke button & lykke's water bottle.
12am-4am. on the road. four hours home.
4am. i collapse on my bed, forgetting to set the alarm for classes the next day. oops.

why cant birthdays last forever?

love, A.


Shade said...

ahhh i love Lykke Li! Her concerts are so amazing! Love your outfit by the way.

little miss s. said...

aw we even have identical rips on the same leg of our oft-worn black tights hehe.
darling I just adore reading every little bit of your special days like this. I wish I could've been there (could I say that more? hehe) but you looked completely fabulous [loving the necklace & one of the many gold rings *wink*]
love you!

Fleurr De Lux said...

ahhh you're SO LUCKY. she is totally insane.
I can't believe you stole her water bottle, normally I would think that's gross but in this case it's really cool. Great post.

SICK. said...

i saw the wang bag first and i flipped, i thought you had gotten it !!
you definitely should.
happy late birthday, im glad you had fun :]


Anonymous said...

oh you were in DC!? i go to college there, awesome! didn't know that awesome club existed!? love the H&M in georgetown...

sarah said...

great outfits! and lykke is amazing, so I AM JEALOUS!

Anonymous said...

amazing outfits, pictures..everything. you are such a muse!! glad it was amazing.

Anonymous said...

sounds so good.. x love the pics