from pippin, with love.

although the tiny diamond has long been missing, the gold plating has rubbed off a bit & the fact that because it is nearly five sizes too big i had to resort to wrapping tape around the band enough times so it would actually stay put on my finger - it is still my most favourite & loved piece of jewellery.

maybe its because i like to think it could have been art deco in another life, maybe its because i got in new york, at the most adorable little vintage jewellery shop in chelsea suggested to me by one of my lovely lovely mates, or maybe its simply because i found it, bought it & have been wearing it non stop since (sans baths & sleeping of course) on what i like to think was the
most perfect day of my life....ever.

love, A.


discothequechic said...


the revealing of the ring!
i've already seen it, ut nice to see a close up.

so funny, one of my pippin rings is too big too, so i wear is on a necklace as i'm always scared of losing it.

thank you my equally lovely lovely mate.

ps, i tried to send you a text on thurs, but for some reason it didn't send.

I was in topshop and they started playing caravan girl and it was all lovely and sunny outside and I thought of you!

Anonymous said...

ooo love the ring, I can see why you're in love :)

Mila said...

Really really loving your blog!

Like to exchange links?

:) Mila.

Héloïse J. said...

i luv this givenchy bag! why everything i really and absolutely adore has to be that expensive??
i'm really curious!!!

WendyB said...

It would be easy to repair all that.

♥ fashion chalet said...

Thanks for commenting on the video post in my blog. It was my first attempt. Trust me I am sooooo shy in person. it took a lot of tries to make a video and finally pick one to upload. So your comments mean a lot to me. ^_^ Looking forward to yours. I may make some more as well. Thanks to this wonderful encouragement.

Laurel said...

Hi you! Thank you SO much for that amazing comment you left on my last vlog, you are amazing and definitely leave me with a huge smile on my face.

I’m so very in love with this ring, I bet it wouldn’t be too hard to fix – but I must say that I would probably still wear it no matter what. My mom passed a hair pin down to me with a missing jewel, but it’s too gorgeous to pass up.

I saw my H&M Lara bag this morning and thought of you, it’s so funny we both have it up. AND, if you go through with the big hair cut, you better let me know. I’m at the same point and still not sure if I’ll "take the plunge".


emsie said...

it's a beautiful ring - i can see why you love it so much!

Style Syrup said...

Have you thought about having it fixed? Or would you prefer to keep it as is? Either way it is a wonderful piece

Style Syrup said...

Hiya hun,

would love to share links with a fellow Goldfrapp fan with a great blog like this.In fact I have already added you.
I also fixed up the extra L by the way :)


Tyler said...