guess who's back?

the 12th of september
radio city music hall

tickets go on sale in a little over four hours & i cant possibly bring myself to sleep until then. there may be a bit of a hiatus for the rest of the week, as ive got loads of things to arrange & plan. no worries though, i have many (non goldfrapp related) posts to come soon.

(photo by me)



discothequechic said...

non goldfrapp posts?


hehe, you know I'm quite happy to listen to you yabbah about your first love, but I do miss your old fashion posts as they always inspire me.

but I'm very excited for you! a revisit of fox and fawn is in order, I think..

Jenny H. said...

i lovee your blog.
just thought i would let you know :)

Tinsley said...

i want to go to their toronto concert so bad but i have no idea how to get tickets :(
excited for the new posts :)

SICK. said...

ooh, looks splendid !
i'd also like to mention that your previous post (a hazy glow), was really quite inspirational.


Anonymous said...

too many music posts, not enough fashion posts! :(

a. said...

i know, i know. but music is my first love...

they are coming. promise.


Anonymous said...

i am so in there

M said...

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