what is her name?

the video for goldfrapp's newest single 'caravan girl' is everything i hope my summer to be except i'll more than likely be riding around on a bicycle instead of a skateboard & there (sadly) wont be a palm tree or an ocean in sight;

ive already got the wardrobe - although i think i will opt for my UO trainers instead of the vans;

trainers : urban outfitters
deer men tee :
plaid shirt : topshop
denim shorts : forever 21

i dont think ive ever wanted it to be summer more than i do right now,
just laying out on the grass with my transistor radio...



July Stars said...

I love that video ...
Instead of lying in the grass with your transistor radio come and play in London!

Fleurr De Lux said...

i love that song and that video and i also wish i could ride a skateboard. but i think i'll stick to bikes for my own safety...

SICK. said...

that video is pure gold.
i love the girl (model?) that is featured in it.

the sun is shining.


softlad said...

Reading how the other half lives is often a chore however this site makes it a pleasure. In a world of excess ugliness c_f is like a tiny oasis of eye-pleasing loveliness with Liz the palm tree of gorgeousness at it's heart.
Keep up the good work Chickadee.

discothequechic said...

so effing cool!

Jules said...

Love the video, love the song. You've got the wardrobe ready so let the fun begin!

SICK. said...

you made me download this song;
& the video is amazing.


SICK. said...

hmm, well, some nice nail colours ... i'll think.
& i'll get back to you.


Tinsley said...

i can always count on this blog for my goldfrapp fix
the video is awesome - original and so inspiring
plus the song is AHHHmazing
i love the little inspiration collage you made!

Taghrid said...

that video is so cool and relaxing!

it's Pipelettes-time said...

Just a message for you pass the hello!


Sunniva said...

love this song and the feel of the video. right now I wish I was the girl in the video. you're pretty close to her with that cool outfit.


Fleurr De Lux said...

Ooooh that is sooo nice! Believe it or not, I at one point lived on a beach and owned a longboard. I didn't look that cool though, and I fell really embarassingly in front of cute boys on more than one occasion. Needless to say the board was donated to a much more balanced pal haha
xoxo L

Héloïse J. said...

lovely lovely song and super cool outfit!

LIZ said...

ohhhhh, i love this video.
as you said, this is how i desire my summer to be every single day.
lovely inspiration post darling!
& congratulations on your (almost) one year anniversary!
cheers to another fabulous & creative journalistic year hehe ;]

discothequechic said...

hmm, did somebody update her sidebar?


ahh, okay i know, i know.
i am going to email you now!

i miss our little chats, and I know it's because I haven't replied!

pardon, pardon. je suis desolee!

Fashion's the word said...

I really like that song. Thank you for posting it. :]

Also, That is an extremely great outfit coordination. It's very laid back and fresh.

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Anonymous said...

goldfrapp is siiiiiiiiiick
plus sasha on i-D makes my head spin

Anonymous said...

i LOVE goldfrapp