the purchases.

1. h&m leather dress. the shape is so balenciaga. its mad. i was waiting in line to pay for my other things when i looked over & saw another girl waiting in line, holding the dress, i immediately got out of the queue to ask her where in the store had she found it. "over there on the far left". i ran as quickly as i could in my two inch oxford pumps that i had already been in for nearly 20 hours over to that rack on the far left. there was one left. one size too big but i knew i could make it work. i had to. i couldnt pass it up. 129 dollars. i think it was worth it.

2. another h&m dress. very flapper-esque. i told my mate (who also purchased one) that its the kind of dress you can wear out late to a chic bar, fall asleep in (it makes a very cute nightie, no?) then wake up throw some tights on with it, add a motorcycle jacket & scarf, toss your hair in a bun & be off on your way. thats the kind of clothing i live for.

3. chloë sevigny for opening ceremony tote bag. seeing as everything in her line was way out of my price range & equally as fabulous/lust worthy, i couldnt leave without something from the line. so thankfully they had this cute little tote for 30 dollars. im officialy obsessed with anything chloë at the moment.

4. h&m floral dress. if you are any kind of a blogger im sure youre as addicted to the swedish blogs as i am. & you know those filles love their florals so i was determined to get my hands on any kind of floral dress i could find. too bad it wasnt vintage but i think its pretty perfect & kindof reminds me of the kate moss for topshop pansy dresses from last summer. i love the little sleeves. i am going to call it my tea party dress. 50 dollars.

5. h&m parka. another swedish staple. there were many parkas at h&m but i liked this one the best. the fabric makes it. its so eastern european & so modern. i adore it. i might even wear it as just a dress. 70 dollars.

6. h&m artist collaboration tee. once again from reading those swedish blogs i knew i had to have one. anything artsy is perfect. even better if its on clothing. 15 dollars.

7. lula. need i say anything more? 15 dollars.

8. chanel earrings. one of my (naughty) purchases from chinatown. but they were so cute i couldnt resist. 15 dollars for both pairs. i also got a million more pashminas. im convinced they have the best ones. & for 3 dollars? why not.

9. marc jacobs documentary dvd. you know the one. it was a late christmas present from my mate. seriously, its so great having friends that know you so well. they get the absolute best gifts. merci liz darling!

10. kylie X. to indulge my inner pop dancefloor diva. 10 dollars.

i know, i know. you are all probably terribly bored with my lack of real "fashion" inspired posts as of late. but my little notebook is currently overflowing with blog idea after blog idea & i promise those inspiration filled posts will be popping up very soon.



Raych said...

Wow, that leather bustier, I WANT IT!
Very cute purchases.

Héloïse J. said...

i luv EVERY SINGLE ONE of your purchases. the dresses, the parka, the chinatown-chanel earings.. wow wow wow :D

emsie said...

Such amazing purchases. Love the 2nd dress, and Lula - well I'm obsessed.

SICK. said...


i love the leather dress, i thought it was the acne dress i wanted, and i was about to become extremely jealous.


little miss s. said...

i've been dying to get my hands on one of those h&m art tees! *jealous*
your purchase are perfect darling.

jayne said...

LOVE EVERYTHING! particulalry the flapper dress & the floral dress! seriously, this is fine posting, even though you don't seem to think it is

Fleurr De Lux said...

leather dress: SOOO worth it...
sooo jealous. our swedish sisters would be proud.

Fleurr De Lux said...

Love love love!
I found a vintage dress exactly like the floral H&M Swede-Tribute dress in my grandma's closet, I almost died.
I'll post it soon.
Looks like you had fun!!

Jelenie said...

i love that flapper dress! great purchases dear. xx

discothequechic said...

theres something about being in NY right now tht makes seeing all of your purchases all the more exciting. they're all so lovely! the h and m mini is a favourite; so sexy and fabulous!

so, a couple of questions to ask..
can you remember what kind of prices they were in opening ceremony for the CS range? searched on the internet, but no answer! and also, is there still stuff left? i heard it was mostly gone.

went to hells kitchen flea market today upon your recommendation; so it's basically thanks to you tht i scored a christian dior jacket! ayyy.


lee jones said...

i love lula : )

Rumi said...