late night habits.

i have this horrible late night online shopping habit, where i'll think of all these things i "need" & before i fall asleep ive convinced myself i really need whatever im wanting. & tonight it happens to all come from a little shopping spree at american apparel.


navy acid washed tee.
white tee shirt dress.
smoke lame bra. i think it'll look great peaking out from under all my other AA tees & especially under my new h&m strapless dress. fabulous.
& just for fun one of those cheeky wall calendars they have

my credit card really hates me now.

expect more from me later on in the day but in the meantime enjoy new music (& video - alison in geek glasses & a gorgeous pink trench paired with grey tights?! yes please!) courtesy of goldfrapp's lovely new single - happiness.

i still cant believe that in less than a month i will be breathing the same air as both alison & will. its going to feel like an absolute dream!



emsie said...

American Apparel has amazing stuff at the moment. There's a load of stuff I want too!


little miss s. said...

ooh you chose the dress in white!fabulous.
I'm in dire need of it in black ;)

PS: that is one of my favorite goldfrapp videos to date. I can't get enough of it.

discothequechic said...

ohh my gosssh, girl!

how is it possible to have so much in common.
i popped into the AA around the corner earlier and picked up the purple lame bandeau bra thinking it would look cute poking out from under a vest top.
i'm wearing the combo right now..


i half fee sorry for you about the late night spending/surfing disorder, but i'm too glad that someone else does it.

PS, hahaha, the chloe cake! who'd have though. what a great idea for a cake. though i'm getting really quite scared that i'm going to go off my dear old chlo, so i'm going to give myself a ban from talking about her over the next couple of weeks.
(i'll still pop into OC though..shh!)and thanks for the info.


Fleurr De Lux said...

All great purchases.
We finally figured out how to use computers and linked you, because we think you're great!

SICK. said...

i love the lame bra in smoke !
it's so cool.


Monique said...

Yes I have the same late-night shopping habit.

By the way, I love your site, linking you.