elizabeth & james.

it looks like you're wearing the most gorgeous feathered cocktail dress under an impeccably tailored blazer but really - its all in one.

is there anything more genius than that? i think not.
im officially obsessed.

check out :


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Anonymous said...
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lee jones said...

the dress/blazer looks really flattering : ) i like the idea.

Héloïse J. said...

i absolutely adore it- and E&J latest collection is a true obsession indeed. (but shit it's so expensive for me..)

little miss s. said...

each piece is fantastic and I love the styling on the website. I've saved every single photo to my computer ;)

SICK. said...

no way, i was actually contemplating a post about e&j.
i still think i will, an overview of their collection.

that dress is beautiful.


discothequechic said...

all in one?
ohh, i'm in love!

i love mk and ash when they have their business heads on; it's when they're at their most genius.

click click paypal bankrupt recession click spend spend click happy

s. said...

loooove it! so cute.