c'est moi!

& what better way for me to come back than with the announcement of the new cover for NYLON's april issue?! seeing my second to last post before this (way too long) holiday from blogging, you know i am completely ecstatic. it is such a fabulous come back from the horrendious march cover.
cheers, nylon!

thanks to everyone for their sweet comments about my absence & a big thank you to the filles over at lesmads for nominating me.

merci, merci, A.


Bojana said...

OOh I'll have to buy it!!

I can't beleive this is only the first time Chloe Sevigny is on the Nylon cover, she just seem slike THE Nylon girl that I thought they had already featured her a dozen times

discothequechic said...

i didn't find the march cover too horrendous.
it's sitting right here beside me actually, just bought it today after work.

but it is ghastly in comparrison with this, purely because its one of the most gorgeous covers in a very long time!
wonder if marvin shot it?
can you imagine how cool it would have been on set? pheww, too much girl power for me to imagine!

little miss s. said...

ooh I'm too excited! I can't possibly even think about it right now, I have to try and be patient...

lee jones said...

sooo excited!
yay! people i actually like on the cover haha

roxanne said...

oh my. thanks for the hads up. i'll now wait breathlessly for this issue to show up in my mailbox. i agree, last month's cover was a bit of a disappointment.

SICK. said...

oh, that cover is amazing.
way way way better than any cover out right now, mainly becase those ladies on it are fabulous.