live lounge.

it is now 9am in the morning & i still havent gone to bed.
i had to wait up to hear goldfrapp's performances on bbc radio 1 live lounge which started at 5am & ended at 7.45 with a live performance of A&E and their beautiful cover of the klaxons 'not over yet'. thankfully i had a mate to listen in & share all the excitement with.

it is amazing how talented alison & will are. they can take one piece of music & totally just rearrange it completely, yet still have it sound like that was the way it was originally meant to be. the last time they were featured on the show, they did a cover of the ordinary boys 'boys will be boys', which is very rock-ish sounding yet goldfrapp made it into a vintage cabaret like tune that seems to transport you to a red velvet booth at some gorgeous smokey bar in paris. perfection. and the acoustic heart-wrenching cover of the klaxons today was no exception. ahh, only goldfrapp.

im featuring 'boys will be boys' on my page, just until the next post arrives

photos taken just this morning after the show aired;

i love alison's sliver rabbit ring. she always wars it.

sorry for the lack of creative photo collages but i am very tired & need to get the pot going for a nice cup of tea before i finally crawl into bed.

you can listen again to the show here.

love, A.


SICK. said...

i wish you a nice rest to make up for the all-nighter.

i'm still undecided about the skirt - either the navy, the black, the burgundy or the red.

so basically, i've barely narrowed it down from the initial colors.


Lola Eliza. said...

cool new header.

your very loyal to Goldfrapp.

I hope it was wonderful!


Héloïse J. said...

you are a true 'groupie'!!!
*beautiful new header- it's very 10.17!!

Romany said...

Oh I just love Goldfrapp! But unfortunately I've never had the chance to see them perform live, yet...I'm guessing from your rave review that it was good? :)
I really like your blog, btw. Especially that picture of the rose, as your header. Beautiful...

Ali said...

haha darling how beyond fabulous you are. i wished we lived close - we could of had the most exciting sleepover. xo

Jelenie said...

I can't stop looking at your new main pic of the roses - lovely!


discothequechic said...

oh, I'll meet you there, in that smokey Paris booth, if you don't mind. I always visualise a similar affair myself whenever I listen to Au Port by Camille. Except this bar had women and their bearded boyfriends dancing barefoot.

okay, I've thought wayy to much about that one!

I love your dedication though! 5am! I can appreciate that kind of excitement though, I get that so much with new film releases or a moment late at night of hearing something perfect on the radio.

electroguy said...

Lovely :-)