the icelandic princesses.

my first 'must cover' show of the week comes from the fairytale mind of erin fetherston,
who, since the announcement of her GO collection for target
[mark your calendars for november] has become one of my newest favourite designers,
& while her collection for the retail chain seems more lolita meets little girl chic;
the collection she showed yesterday for S/S 08 was more grown up;
i loved all the chic turbans & hair pieces, mixed with the icy colour palette of all the chiffon & silks, it all brought to mind gorgeous icelandic princesses who travel the world.

some of my favourite looks

love those glasses on iekeliene!


love those eyelashes.

chanel iman with the lady of the hour.

aggy :]

& the queen herself.

stay tuned darlings; theres oh so much more to cover!

bisous x


sar gardiner said...

they are amazing.

Isa said...

ah, love.
it´s so good to see puristic fahion back on the runway, so amazing to create unique looks.

btw: j´adore your blog. ;)


discothequechic said...

wow, so pretty!

I really didn't think that was Iek! She actually kind of looked like Hye Park to me, for a moment!

Love this collection, I used to find something slightly irritating about Eri F before, but I'm loving this. Also, whats the song playing? You probably get people asking all the time..

Also, Agy is looking better here than she has done for a long time. I think bright colours like this really suit her, but strictly only in the form of chic, body con dresses! Like the yellow Preen one she wore a while ago.

S xx

Mash said...

interesting collection and i love the hair and the makeup <3 viva queen Anna ahah