urban plastic.

look at what i got in my inbox today :

click it!

i loved their little spread in NYLON this month. it was really cute & rocknroll.
their style is really cool-chic, & the hair is even better!
but their music? un-uh. not for me.
as much as i want to like it - i cant.

thank god ill be near an urban tomorrow.

im liking these :


was is it about dressing in unisex clothing thats so well sexy?!

well im off. got to go wash my face...


moi said...

i love the plasticines. theyre too amazing. right now im totally into wearing a basic tee or dress and some jewelry. im so over stiff jackets and dress shorts ;[

sar gardiner said...

thats a hot scarf in the third photo down... i want one of those!

Bojana said...

Plasticines? Just little rich Parisian bitches. They're not going to be here for long. Thankfully. I hate Parisian girls. They are all so pretentious. Hahahaaa that's just me, whatever.