a review of my latest shopping trip.

no sleep. supernature plays on repeat for three hours. no food. i dont really need it.

first stop : steve & barrys.
the SJP bitten collection was much better than i had thought it would be.
& they had loads left [even though it hit the shops way over a month ago]

'dial up my number now; weaving it through the wire,
switch me on, turn me up;
dont want it baudelaire, just glitter lust'
shut up. shut up.
i love seeing alisons face on a million flat sreens.
she loves me so much.

i got a suprisingly well fitting pair of boyfriend (!) jeans.
you know because that whole look is in now.
- ive gotten so attactched & used to my array of skinny jeans that i was reluctant to even try them on; in fear that they would make me look huge! but to my shock they didnt. they look great. i just hope i can pull them off as well as kate does ;]
[no photo. i found out easily that unless your wearing them - jeans do not photograph very well]

& [of course] one of those 'fashion is not a luxury' tees. i had to have one.

next : forever 21. so good & so cheap.

i found the most fabulous drop waist 1920s-ish dress. that is so divine i cant stop looking at it!

& an adorable eyelet shift dress. very 1960s. i fell in love with it the moment i put it on.

so cute, no?

plus : a few other little things. some jewellery & some nail varnish at sephora.
neimans. no flowerbomb samples.
urban outfitters. too many house of holland knock offs.

dinner. coffee & more coffee. magazines & more magazines. three hour drive home.

the end.


Alice said...

love that shirt! i wish there was a steve&barry's here.

also, your forever21 purchases are great! i guess i'm too used to seeing those tacky, clingy obnoxiously patterned dresses there that i don't even bother stepping in to find other stuff. and the fact that almost everyone at my school now wears that same thing from there, and hollister/abercrombie.

and those house of holland shirts! i liked the Hedi one before they were "popular" and now they have the tackiest colours with the tackiest sayings, and sell them everywhere! it's horrible!

moi said...

i love that fashion is not a luxury tee. so cute.
oh and i was at H&M this weekend and they had way too many house of holland knockoffs. yuck.