just the same but brand new.

The people in the street had overtaken you
By the time you rounded Second Avenue
So I walked away
All perfumed
Felt just the same
But brand new
And anything you wrote I checked for codes and clues
The letters stopped unceremoniously in June
So I changed my I's
And A's to yours
I'm just the same
But brand new
And I do my best impression of weightlessness, now too
And I might be wrong, I might be wrong, I might be wrong
But honey I believed I could
Float away
I'm just the same
But brand new to you
- St. Vincent

Hello 2013, it's me.


lola said...

I love the headpiece, beautiful, x

ALCOHOLS said...

you look like renaissance queen! did i tell you you´re my hair idol? x

AVY said...

Beautiful. Hello you.


Velvet said...

Lovely headpiece and those lyrics- damn!

Loulou said...

those LOVELY st vincent lyrics!(just the same butbrand new) like a deliciate precious poem. please name the source!!!!!

Duygu Senyurek said...

hi dear
I like your blog and I'm your new follower
pls follow my blog too,
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Maja said...

your hair is so loooooong :o

Kenneillia Mighty said...

Love love love your blog!
Just seen it today and I'm glad.

Do you want to follow each other? Let me know :D

Kenneillia M.
The Style Vow

Anonymous said...

wow ;)