jemima kirke.

Lola, Untitled, Veronica, Lola Reclining. all by, Jemima Kirke

It's one thing to feel inspired by a century old painting but another to be inspired by a piece of modern day art. These are paintings and watercolors by Jemima Kirke. Yes, that Jemima Kirke, the weed-smoking bohemian from GIRLS. How cool is that.


Martina said...

I knew she was a painter, but I hadn't seen any of her work. The oil portrait looks quite beautiful!

ALCOHOLS said...

so wonderful! the girl in the hat is my favourite. x

Twobreadsplease said...

lovelovelove this. x

ALICE TATE said...

Wow, love this. She's so multi-layered, beautiful pregnancy shots in Vice this month too.