"I'm not waiting til I grow up, to be a woman, to be a woman."

photo by Jaime Reed via AnOther magazine

It isn't like me to go all political on you but I must share my thoughts on the final sentence for Russian punk group Pussy Riot today. I feel it is my right as a woman and as an American that I stress the importance of the freedoms we are so lucky to have in this country. Let us take a moment to remember these brave women who will serve two years for speaking their minds for a short 51 seconds back in February. Two of the three are mothers, who will be leaving their children behind. Let us continue to support strong women like Maria, Nadezhda and Yekaterina, to fight for and set examples for the freedoms of other women and their inept countries. Please, also, watch this video from last night's public reading in New York City at the Ace Hotel where woman like Chloe Sevigny spoke on the subject. FREE PUSSY RIOT!


Anne said...

Nice post!
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Anonymous said...

Seriously. I dont think they've done such a grave mistake to be put behind bar. It's a shame.


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