My little collection of perfumes. clockwise:
Kate Moss by Kate Moss - for daytime everyday
Gardenia by Chanel - a springtime favourite
Classique by Jean-Paul Gautier - perfectly paired with satin underwear
Black Orchid by Tom Ford - for nighttime everyday
Quelques Fleurs by Houbigant - a warm floral to use in colder months
and Kus Kus by Bourbon - a purely indulgent formula that's over 150 years old

How appropriate that I would come across a piece on proper perfume application in The Gentlewoman this morning. I learned that although wrist-rubbing is the seductive ideal, it bruises the molecules which release fragrance; and that placing a scented cotton ball into your bra can eliminate unsightly irritation spraying directly to your décolleté can sometimes cause. Also if you're tired of a simple daily spritz applied only to your wrists and neck why not try the crook of your arm or the back of your ankles instead? Apparently they are erogenous zones with high body heat, perfect for releasing those un-bruised scent molecules.


ALCOHOLS said...

mmmm perfumes! thanks for tips, i think it will get me while to get used to spraying back of my ankles, especially when i apply perfume when i already have at least pants or skirt on. i love having few perfumes at once. next additions to my collection will be Vanilla Eau de Toilette by Body Shop and Opium by YSL. x

Somewhere said...

Such a lovely collection, I wouldn't have expected you to wear the Kate Moss perfume. I have the same article in the gentlewoman, it's so interesting, especially as I usually just spray it on!

Anonymous said...

A well edited collection! x

electric feel said...

the Tom Ford one is sublime!

alicia said...

oh! do share your thoughts on the tom ford perfume :)

GPS Tracking said...

Nice info! I like camel.