the future.

'The Future'
Written and Directed by Miranda July
Released 2011
Screencaps by Me

I think it's safe to say that in one week, I watched this three times. It is just that good. The story of Sophie and Jason, in preparation before adopting a cat, they quit their jobs, cut off the internet and live for the thirty days they have left before the rest of their lives. It'll make you look at life and time in a whole new way. It's the quirky genius of Miranda July at its best. She just gets it, that's all I can say. And has a wardrobe to dream of in this too; tap shorts and 1920s swimming costumes, anyone?


AVY said...

Sounds like a dream, I'll watch it.


Anonymous said...

this was one of the worst movies I have ever seen! haa it's funny how differently people can see something

Jessica said...

miranda july is divine to me! i saw the movie about 2 months ago and i loved it, too