out for spring.

Out For Spring
Photography by Roger Deckker
Styling by Hannes Hetta
from The Gentlewoman Issue 5

even if we can't go topless in public (I've heard it was taboo) I vote we do in privacy; in our gardens and backyards, soaking up the sun. like these beautiful women, out for spring.


ALCOHOLS said...

I remember flipping through Gentlewoman earlier this month in the shop and standing there in awe thinking this is one of the most beautiful things features in a magazine Ive ever seen. Topless wonderful women, portrayed with dignity. How often you get that. x

Anonymous said...

I like boobs.

AliciaKara said...

Amazing blog! Your truly brilliant at what you do :)

Would make my day if you could follow back?


AVY said...

Sounds like a plan :)


Christine said...

I am happy they feel comfortable with their bodies, but I feel like publishing it in a magazine isn't appropriate, especially if people other than women who, who some see it as inner beauty, are looking at this.