as the season's change, so do my musical tastes. when in autumn and winter i have a taste for opulent speak-easy jazz, come spring my appetite wants something poppier and usually within the 90s vain. last year it was kylie and this year, so far, it's been girl bands like sleater-kinney and female icons like fiona apple. these are two of my current favourite tracks perfect for sun drenched days. fun fact: that sleater-kinney video was directed back in 1999 by none other than the magical Miranda July. don't you love it when your likes intersect?


maja said...

oooh i just got your lovely scented letter, thank you! i'm planning on writing you back when i'm in rome and my life isn't so crazy.

hannah said...

In the southern hemisphere where it's heading into winter I'm listening to exactly the same thing. Miranda July and Fiona Apple were made for autumn, dude