black & white.

1. Freud’s couch where patients would lie down during psychoanalytic sessions 2. Lee Miller by Man Ray 1930 3. Unknown Interior 4. Girls Playing Cards, Storyville, ca. 1911-1913 by John Ernest Joseph Bellocq 5. Germaine Krull by Eli Lotar, 1930 6. Unknown 7. Unknown Interior 8. Natalia Vodianova by Unknown 9. Unknown

Ailurophile - A cat-lover
Assemblage - A gathering
Comely - Attractive
Dulcet - Sweet, sugary
Ebullience - Bubbling enthusiasm
Efflorescence - Flowering, blooming
Elision - Dropping a sound or syllable in a word
Elixir - A good potion
Felicity - Pleasantness
Imbue - To infuse, instill
Ingénue - A naïve young woman
Languor - Listlessness, inactivity
Lithe - Slender and flexible
Opulent - Lush, luxuriant
Ratatouille - A spicy French stew
Seraglio - Rich, luxurious oriental palace or harem
via the"100 Most Beautiful Words in English" list.

a feast for your eyes and vocabulary this weekend. have a good one!


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