reading list.

2. Cracks by Shiela Kohler
"Miss G told us we could do anything if we desired it enough. We liked the way she said desire, and we looked at one another and raised our eyebrows and smiled."
First Publishing 1999

the second book checked off my 2012 reading list, a must have after i fell so in love with the film. unlike the film though, the book centers around the girls thirty years after the events of their boarding school adolescence had passed. each invited back by letter urging their return for the "good of the school", they unwillingly share a dinner together and subsequently unravel hidden secrets of the spanish princess and her tragic disappearance.

short and sweet, i devoured it quickly. further exploring the girl's adoration and lust for miss g, the author will sometimes break into short poems, describing their teenage passion beautifully. but the book doesn't seem to have the same character development the film does; which doesn't seem normal for a film to have and a book to have not. miss g isn't half the sexually-suppressed fantasist that she is in the motion picture, and the novel leaves much to be revealed about her own school girl past. one uncovers what the other does not, which is why i say you take the film and the book as one, not having one without the other, a complete package to enjoy.


Miss Ali said...

looks like a good read, added it to my to-read list, thanks :-)
Should I see the movie before or after reading the book do you think?

ALCOHOLS said...

you should definitely write more "longer" posts like these, it reads beautifully! I have the same question as the lady above - book or film first?

A. said...

hey ladies! i say the film first! if only because you can imagine eva green as the wickedly yummy miss g :) enjoy x

Miss Ali said...

Thank you! This will be my plan of attack :-)

lara said...

haven't see the film or read the book, but will do now. thanks for the recommendation! love juno temple and eva green, plus gems of books that you can gulp down. cheers xx